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Article sur la performance

Titre: Performance measurement in the healthcare supply chain

Résumé: The supply chain plays a decisive role to ensure proper operation of the healthcare facilities. To obtain a comprehensive view of their processes, healthcare institutions must develop an integrated performance measurement system. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) can help the healthcare professionals to measure progress towards their strategic goals and objectives. The development and use of KPIs can improve internal decision-making processes for each and across all levels in the organisation. The aim of this paper is to (a) identify and validate a list of KPIs from different professional groups who were involved in restocking activities and (b) empirically assess the relative importance of KPIs. This paper analyses empirical evidence from a sample of 163 respondents among three non-profit hospitals and one purchasing organisation in Montreal, Canada. The results reveal that all groups share a small number of KPIs and they do not necessarily attribute the same relative importance to them.

Publication: International Journal of Services, Economics and Management 2011 - Vol. 3, No.2  pp. 137 - 156

URL: http://www.inderscience.com/dev/search/index.php?mainAction=search&action=record&rec_id=39430&prevQuery=&ps=10&m=or

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